Klima Biennale, WienreviewArt MonthlyJun 2024
London Gallery WeekendfeatureFriezeMay 2024link
Walking, with Dee Heddon, Carl Lavery, Clare Qualmann and Iman Tajik, talkUniversity of GlasgowApr 2024
Saskia Noor van Imhoff, GRIMM reviewe-flux CriticismMar 2024link
Walking, with Jade de Montserrat and Gabriella NugenttalkWhitechapel GalleryMar 2024link
Walking: Documents of Contemporary ArtbookWhitechapel GalleryMar 2024link


Kyiv BiennialfeatureFriezeDec 2023link
The ballad of Gida and Lutea (with Kirsty Badenoch)bookMouldy BooksNov 2023ORDER
Alexandra Clod & Karolina Uskakovych, (Re)GroundingessayCorridor8Nov 2023link
Sheila Hicks, Alison JacquesreviewFriezeNov 2023link
Kirsty Badenoch, falling / fallen / felledexhibitionStaffordshire StNov 2023link
In conversation with Kirsty Badenoch and Justin HopperpodcastUncanny LandscapesNov 2023link
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Francisco Rodriguez, The Weight of the NightessayCooke Latham GalleryOct 2023link
Ignota Books present: Gaian EcologiestalkCamden Art CentreSep 2023link
Art Night, DundeereviewArt MonthlySep 2023link
Rabindranath X Bhose, CollectivereviewFriezeAug 2023link
A vessel kind of placeessayArt Walk ProjectsAug 2023link
Kim McAleese, Edinburgh Art FestivalinterviewFriezeAug 2023link
London Gallery WeekendfeatureFriezeMay 2023link
SofijaSilvia, Pendulumreviewe-flux CriticismMay 2023link
SALTbookArt Walk ProjectsMarch 2023
Mohammed Sami, Camden Art CentrereviewFriezeFeb 2023link
Kyriaki Goni, Data GardensessayLeeds Arts UniversityJan 2023


Taus Makhacheva, This story is no longer availablefictionFries Museumforthcoming
John Keys, Griefs and WondersessayCultivator Cornwallforthcoming
Kirsten Glass, Night-Scented StockessayKarsten SchubertDec 2022link
Olivia Plender, Maureen Paleyreviewe-flux CriticismNov 2022link
Are NFTs the new land art?featureArtReviewOct 2022link
Bianca Hlywa, Residual YeastreviewArtforumOct 2022link
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Moths: a reckoningessayVestojMay 2022link
Katie Paterson, Ingleby GalleryreviewArtReviewMay 2022link
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Claire Barclay, Infinite PossibilitiesinterviewArtUKApr 2022link
Anne-Marie Creamer, Dear Friend...essaySir John Soane's MuseumMar 2022link
Haig Aivazian, The ShowroomreviewArtforumMar 2022link
Anthony Kersting, The CourtauldfeatureWorld of InteriorsFeb 2022
Abstraction: Colour, Shape, FormfeatureWatermarkJan 2022
Life Support, Glasgow Women's LibraryreviewArtforumJan 2022link


In conversation with Tonico Lemos Auad eventCample LineDec 2021
Iman Tajik, Bordered MilesessayGlasgow InternationalDec 2021link
Maria McKinney, Totem YokesessayWexford County CouncilNov 2021
Tonico Lemos Auad, Unknown to the worldessayCample LineNov 2021link
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Challenging the art world's material wastefeatureFriezeOct 2021link
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British Art Show 9reviewArtReviewJul 2021link
Karla Black, FruitmarketreviewFriezeJul 2021link
Parks and re-creations: the best books about Russian landscapesfeatureThe GuardianJun 2021link
The White Birch: A Russian ReflectionbookLittle, BrownJun 2021link
Off-Grid Checks: Romney TweedfeatureWorld of InteriorsJun 2021
Emma Talbot, Dundee Contemporary ArtsreviewFriezeJun 2021link
Tom Jeffreys, Alex Hartley & Anne de Charmant in conversationtalkHay FestivalJun 2021
Trellis: lines of separation or connectionessayUniversity College LondonMay 2021link
Stephanie Mann, Things, tunnels, traces, thoughtsessayTalbot Rice GalleryMay 2021link
The Botanic Gardenfeaturee-flux CriticismMar 2021link
Meadow Arts: the first 20 yearsbookMeadow ArtsFeb 2021link
Naomi Frears, Three types of water / Five types of fallessayUniversity of PlymouthJan 2021link
Sara Bowler, Ground TruthsessayUniversity of PlymouthJan 2021link


Perspectives on WalkingtalkThe Bartlett, UCLOct 2020
Around Jupiter ArtlandfilmFriezeOct 2020link
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A Place for the Work and the Human BeingessayThe Common GuildJun 2020link
These queer little cyphersinterviewThe Learned PigJun 2020link
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Making a Scene - contemporary art in EdinburghfeatureMonocleDec 2019
Giancarlo Scaglia, Gold & GuanofeatureThe Learned PigDec 2019link
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Art Encounters, Timișoarareviewe-flux CriticismSep 2019
Future Delay, Helsinki ContemporaryreviewFriezeAug 2019link
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Art, the Anthropocene, and the grim, dark future of Warhammer 40K essayRoman Road JournalJun 2019link
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Ingleby Gallery reopensfeatureFriezeJun 2018link
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Upping the Tempo - Dhaka Art SummitfeatureMonocleApr 2018
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Experiments in the Field: Why are Artists and Scientists Collaborating?featureFriezeFeb 2018link
The Land We Lived In, The Land We Left Behind,
Hauser & Wirth Somerset
reviewe-flux CriticismJan 2018link


Looking back: ParisfeatureFriezeDec 2017link
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A Synchronology, Hunterian Art Galleryreviewe-flux CriticismNov 2017link
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Walking, Swimming, Reading, Writing,
with Elizabeth-Jane Burnett & Camilla Nelson
talkV3, LondonNov 2017
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New Writing Showcase,
with Zinzi Clemmons and André Naffis-Sahely
talkShakespeare & CoJul 2017link
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Art in TrondheimfeatureApolloDec 2015
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Teresa Aninat, Patrick Steeger, Sebastián Preece & Olaf Holzapfel, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), SantiagoreviewThe Learned PigMay 2014link
Ancient and modern
Printmaking in the RA Schools
featureRoyal Academy of ArtsApr 2014link
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Bloomberg New ContemporariesreviewApolloDec 2013
Russell Potter, PYGinterviewThe Learned PigNov 2013link
Consciousness: Beyond the Individual? (chair)
with Jane Aspell, Deborah Hyde, Stephen Law, Graham Nicholls,
Anthony Peake & Raymond Tallis
eventSwedenborg HallNov 2013
Shorelines FestivalreviewThe Learned PigNov 2013link
Foreign Bodies, Common Ground, Wellcome CollectionreviewApolloNov 2013
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“Using creativity”: art-science collaborationtalkNot a Drop festivalSep 2013
In defence of the curatorfeatureApolloSep 2013
Taxonomise This! (chair)
with Mark Carnall, Liz Orton, Helen Pynor & Roy Vickery
talkGV ArtSep 2013link
Playing with Perception (chair), with Kerry Brewer and Colin BlakemoretalkUnity GallerySep 2013
Art with/in NatureessayWilderness FestivalAug 2013
Nature Reserves: tracing thoughts and the future of the archiveessayGV ArtJul 2013link
Nature ReservesexhibitionGV ArtJul - Sep 2013link
Cooking up the Left-Oversevent3Space Re:Think FestivalMay 2013link
Towards a Theory of Representation for AnimalsfeatureJournal of Wild CultureApr 2013link
Is finding art useful a problem?featureJournal of Wild CultureMar 2013link
Henrijs Preiss, ArtefactsessayLatvian National Museum of ArtFeb 2013


Coral – Rekindling Venus, Royal Observatory, GreenwichreviewSpoonfedJun 2012link
Invisible, Hayward GalleryreviewSpoonfedJun 2012link
Writing Britain, British Library
reviewSpoonfedMay 2012link
Et Cetera: a reappraisal of the mundaneessayHoxton Art GalleryApr 2012link
Et CeteraexhibitionHoxton Art GalleryApr - May 2012link
Mark Storor – A Tender SubjectfeatureSpoonfedMar 2012link
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South Place Hotel Art PrizejurySouth Place HotelDec 2011
Critic turned curator: an interview with Brian SewellinterviewSpoonfedOct 2011link
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Archiving Thoughts: Museums, the Internet and the Nature of KnowledgeessaySpoonfedSep 2011link
Tax, Oil, Capitalism, Censorship: Corporate Sponsorship and the ArtsessaySpoonfedAug 2011link
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“They never had us in mind”: Art and the 2012 Olympicsessay(H)ArtApr 2009link


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