Peckham, London
4th – 5th November 2013

Artists: Amy Cutler, Edmund Hardy, Mendoza, Camilla Nelson, James Wilkes

Conceived by Tom Jeffreys as a Society for the Preservation of Wild Culture project for the Art Licks Weekend, Grass Routes is a series of artist/poet-led walking tours around Peckham taking in hidden elements of the area’s history and architecture, exploring places where nature peeps through uninvited and facilitating a critical engagement with the fabric of the area. Each walk lasts approximately 2 hours and features poetry readings, participatory activities, discussion, collection, creation, performance and some practical “naturing” which may well take the form of low-energy manual labour.

Different portions of the walk come under the “leadership” of a different artist, poet, botanist or forager, exploring the area through a range of different critical lenses, but are threaded together through a shared interest in community, place and the changing relationship between humans and the environment.