Back and forth, together and apart, they walked and walked. Gida and Lutea, back and forth, by moon lochs and sphagnum constellations, winding binding the mountains and the forests. Back and forth, back and forth, they walked their own meanings into or along the verges of the A832. Outwards in discovery, anticipation, with purpose or trepidation. Now slowing each footstep to draw out time. Returning, exhausted, bereft, carrying the fallen in their arms in silence.”


‘To an island in a loch on an island in a loch’ is a collaborative artist book by Kirsty Badenoch and Tom Jeffreys.

The book is an exploration of a few scattered relics of the boreal forest, multispecies voices, walking, growth, walking, decay, and the shadowy grey-green bits where writing becomes drawing, or vice-versa. It forms part of a wider project developing out of a temporary forest studio set up in a private forestry plantation in north-west Scotland. This ongoing project addresses the ecological and political significance of ancient woodlands as sites of entanglement between multiple human and nonhuman bodies and voices.

Borrowing its form from the dimensions of OS maps, the book is compiled as a kind of landscape, experimenting with multiple connections between drawing and writing. At the centre of the publication is a strangely unspooling forest tale entitled ‘The Ballad of Gida and Lutea’.

Limited first edition of 150.

Printed and hand-stitched in London.

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